i heart EG.HuK

happy birthday, idra!

happy birthday, idra!

with such a dearth of huk-related stuff, this video was a nice surprise! huk, you’re so funny.

EG.HuK marathon?!?!

hey if you’re looking for something awesome to do tonight click that link up there

do ittt

edit: should work now, sorry guys. ^^;

It was really sad when Huk went to EG, it was like Anakin becoming Darth Vader

– LiquidTLO in TeamLiquid’s documentary: Liquid Rising. [watch here] (via bellspoon) Via bellabellize

like a boss


HuK by W.shing on Flickr.

Does HuK ever give a fuck?

i have returned, and i come bearing an ever so entertaining interview with hot bid.


(pretend that is a birthday waffle cookie)

they are so sweet! aw!


EG Mail Call - Episode 4: “Love from IdrA and HuK” 

HuK is so adorable~

Via kitties and Kevins

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